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Long live Belarus!

by Mila Iaskevich

The end of August turned out to be alarming, exciting and at the same time extremely overflowing with pride and nascent hope for the best in my beloved and so dear to my heart Belarus.
Hardworking and patient people came out of the “dugouts” to the square to declare their firm “NO” to the authorities existing in the republic. I don’t want to waste your time and burden you with facts. I will only add what I felt personally.
It is absolutely not important for me under what flag and slogans the current protest in Belarus is taking place. The white and red flag is just a symbol of opposition to the current regime. No need to seek out historical facts to denigrate it. Moreover, history is also can be interpreted in different ways.
I am also sure that there are no mythical instigators from NATO or Europe. The people rebelled against tyranny and injustice from the authorities. There are no thousands of drunkards and drug addicts in Lukashenka’s country. There are progressive youth who want a better life, better wages, freedom to choose their own path. And do not forget, these are our children, grandchildren, born and raised by us.
So let’s trust, trust and help them. The future belongs to them.
I also believe that the current protest would have happened sooner or later. And President Lukashenko, if he were a far-sighted politician, would not have made such mistakes as: prisons, falsification of elections, riot police …
Errors must be corrected. Lukashenko must make compromises, sit down at the negotiating table and not consider his people bloodthirsty.
I admit that the current opposition is not a panacea in the current situation, but I am also sure that there are a huge number of leaders, politicians, economists, excellent specialists in any field who can transform the country. I believe in the Belarusian people. Into their future.
And the last thing. Let’s think positively, not only with hope, but also with confidence in a better future for the Republic of Belarus. Thoughts are material….
Therefore, I support the protests and call on all those who are not indifferent to follow my example.
Now Belarus need your support. Visual, spiritual, financial.
I don’t ask you to like and share this post. Just read it and think ABOUT IT.
Long live Belarus!

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