FUND “Belarus Together”

YOU NEED HELP – WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. Collection of assistance for victims of repressions in Belarus. <br>

Political situation in Belarus has escalated to the point , which resulted in a large number of innocent people who need legal, psychological and financial assistance. There are situations when help is needed here and now, but where can you find it? <br>

“BELARUS TOGETHER” in alliance with @ Club500 organized the “BELARUS TOGETHER FUND, the effectiveness of which is aimed at helping people of Belarus in need. <br>

The FUND support will be aimed at medical assistance to victims of the abuse of security forces, those who lost their jobs because of their beliefs, as well as those who refused to follow criminal orders during rallies in Belarus. The Fund accepts applications from those in need and distributes this assistance based on the principles of openness, transparency, accountability and respect for the rights and freedoms of citizens.