Belarus Community Center (BCC)

Belarus Community Center opened its doors in NE Philadelphia on January 15, 2023.

The newly repaired 3,000+ square-foot center is a vast expansion of Belarus Together Organization and consolidates all of our operations and functions as a community cultural hub, an educational arts institution, and gathering space.

YES, WE DID IT. First Belarusian Community Center opened its doors for public and local community. Our longtime dream was to establish and open a Belarusian Educational and Cultural Center (BCC), which would be a focal point of Belarusian-American cultural life on the East coast and serve tri-state and Delaware valley area. The objective of the BCC is to preserve and promote awareness of Belarusian heritage throughout the community. Our vision is to support educational, scholarly and professional organizations. Educational programs will provide instruction in Belarusian language, literature, history, geography, music and culture.

This monumental achievement constitutes the first Belarusian cultural facility in the state of Pennsylvania and in our region. The success of this project illustrates the important role Belarus Together Organization plays in its community, underlining the power of education, arts and cultural programming to create social change and build community. Belarus Community Center will act as an economic engine in Eastern North Philadelphia, spurring new business development in the area. For years to come, BCC will be an anchor and source of pride in serving the region’s growing Belarusian@ population while educating the broader public about Belarus@ cultural contributions.

For questions, more information about naming opportunities, or to make a larger donation please contact Belarus Together Organization team members or by email at